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Many Kinds of Events for you!

It's easy to do, just visit web sites that may have ideas for your party, try to select a theme along with coordinating stuff. We can help no matter your budget. Your initial consult is free.
Your Birthday. It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for bigger blessings. Here’s to hoping all of your birthday wishes will come true beginning with your party and through the next year.
Baby Showers. Contact us and we will help you get started on your planning process. You may want to browse through several baby sites for creative inspiration and get some ideas for you theme. Initial consult is free.​
Our Wedding, A Very Special Day in Our Lives. As they build a new life together, the wedding should match the desired tone: elegant, beautiful or formal. The couple cross a threshold together and make a "recipe" for a successful marriage. First Consult is free.​
We Share Our Anniversary With One and All. ​Make it truly one to remember with an anniversary celebration that’s sure to wow! From first to 50th and on this is a once in a lifetime milestone to share with relatives and friends. You may have some ideas and thoughts, so come and share with us. Initial consult is free.